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We Gladly Accept Your Credit Card!

We gladly accept Diner's Club Cards!  Please see below for more information. We gladly accept VISA, M/C, AMEX, and Discover Cards!  Please see below for more information. Click here to sign up for a Free PayPal account - it's fast, free and secure!

Here are several more great reasons to open a Credit Card Account:

Using your business credit card gives you the flexibility to pay according to the billing cycle of your credit card provider - allowing you to manage your cash flow most efficiently.

For our International Customers, totally eliminate extra charges for International Wire Transfers, extra trips to the bank to cut International Drafts or to arrange for those expensive Letters of Credit.  Why bother with all those costs?  Why waste your valuable time?  By using your credit card to make your payments, you pay in your currency, we get paid in ours - conveniently & automatically.  When we don't have to deal with all those risks and traps of doing International business, we can minimize our overhead and keep our prices as competitive as possible.  Allow us to get our products to you almost as easily as if you were right next door.

Forget the hassles and open a Credit Card Account with us today!

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