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Direct Data Conversion Upload Page - Welcome!

To upload your files through the WWW to the PHOTOPLOT STORE's secure ftp server,
please fill in the form below, then click on the "Upload File!" button.

This page is NOT to be used for ordering Photoplots or Photomasks!

This no only conserves disk space, but ensures that the data integrity is maintained during the process.

Please use the browse button to locate the file on your computer: 

The folder into which your data file is placed is secure in that it is password protected and hidden from public access.  No one outside the Photoplot Store and the International Phototool Company can access it once the transfer is complete.  It can only be accessed anonymously if you know the exact and complete URL of the file on our server.  Even though this file transfer process is as direct as with any other ftp file transfer, during transit your data may traverse a path over which we have no control, making the process only about 99.999% secure.  Therefore, we encourage all of our customers to use password protection that is available with standard archiving and data compression programs.

When the transfer is complete, our e-mail notification page will automatically pop up.  Please complete the form and submit it to us, so that we'll know that you have sent us your file.

You may upload one file at a time with this form, but you may return as many times as you need to upload more files.

Please note that the file transfer will not be instantaneous.  While the transfer is in progress, there may be not be any indicators signifying transfer status.  During the transfer, you may minimize or reduce the size of this window and put it in the background to work on other things.

There is a transfer limit of 25 MB per file.  Please help us conserve disk space by archiving your data.

If you experience any problems with your upload, please give it another try.  This will usually correct the problem.  Otherwise please let us know!

The template for this page was provided at no charge, courtesy of
Jeff Carnahan - Jeff's CGI Scripts