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1/8-th mil Photoplots are ON SALE!

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every day LOW, LOW prices!
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The Photoplot Store Advantages:

  • Even if you have a photoplotter or already use another service bureau, we can probably plot your films for less.

  • We know that you will eventually need to off-load some work in case your plotter or plotting service goes down, or when the work comes in all at once, so we're here to help.

  • Our 1/8th mil laser photoplot prices are less than the standard prices for most service bureau's 1/4 mil plots, so why not let us do your plots on our 1/8th mil plotter at our extraordinary prices?  You'll save money and get better quality too!

  • Special offer:  If you've been having your plots done at 1/2 or 1/4 mil resolution, you'll be surprised at the difference that 1/8th mil resolution makes.  We're so confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised, we'll provide you with a FREE COMPARISON - click here to send us the data that you used to generate your plots elsewhere and we'll send you up to 2 plots, just for trying us out.  These plots will be absolutely FREE, but alas we still have to charge for shipping.  Please, only one time per new customer.

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