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"New Account application for the Photoplot Store"
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(Note: If you plan to use a credit card to pay for your order, then you can provide the new account information along with your payment authorization. You will not need to use this form.)

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Shipping Account Number (2): ____________________  Carrier Name: _______________
For customers outside the USA, please provide your Tax ID number: _______________
Please visit our Authorize a Payment page to provide your check or credit card information.
For customers that have facilities in Colorado - are the products taxable?
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        (If not, then please provide a resale certificate with your order.)


By submitting this information, I hereby stipulate that I wish to open a new account with the International Phototool Company, the Photoplot Store's parent company, and that I agree with and will subscribe to the policies, terms and conditions as described on the web page herein as of the submission date.

Note: Except for orders quoted by IPC, all new accounts will be opened with and billed through the International Phototool Company, which is the Photoplot Store's parent organization.

(1) In order to do our part to reduce the use of paper, and in keeping with our electronic commerce business model, we will issue our invoices/receipts to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF  format via e-mail, unless you specify otherwise.  By providing this e-mail address, you indicate to us that this method of billing is acceptable to your accounts payable department.

(2) Please fill in this line if you wish to have the shipping costs billed directly to your account.  All International customers must fill in this line so that we can bill the shipping, freight insurance, and import taxes and fees to your account.

Thank You for choosing to establish a New Account with us!

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