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Richard J. Sayer, Director of Worldwide Sales
International Phototool Company, LLC

3246 Centennial Blvd. #365
Colorado Springs, CO  80907  USA
Phone (Direct Line & Messages): +1 719 331 0739 (Cell)
eFax: NEW: +1 484 465 0524
Standard E-mail (insert the @ symbol and the period where applicable):
rjsayer ~at~ photoplotstore ~dot~ com
(alternate) photoplotstore ~at~ hushmail ~dot~ com
(alternate) phototool ~at~ hotmail ~dot~ com
(alternate) photoplotstore ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

(Our email servers are limited in their capacity to handle large attachments. Therefore, unless specifically instructed to do so, we request that you use the special forms on this web site instead.  Thx!)

In order to bypass our SPAM filters for your first-time contact, be sure to use "photoplot" or "photomask" in the subject line.  When we receive your first message, we will place your email address in our SPAM filters pass-through lists.

During the normal course of business, we will use the
rjsayer ~at~ photoplotstore ~dot~ com
email address. If messages sent from this server are rejected by your servers, then we also have 4 other email address that we can use, as listed above.  Please consider adding all five email addresses to the "allowed lists" on your SPAM filters, so that our replies are not blocked.

Email Security

Warning: Unless you send your email to us in encrypted format, it may be intercepted en-route and read by a third party.

If you require secure, encrypted e-mail communications with the Photoplot Store, then you can use either of the two following methods:

(1) You can easily set up a free account at, or
(2) you can put your message into an encrypted zip file and send the zip file as an attachment, providing the password in a separate message.

Please note that all email systems have limited capability when it comes to the efficient transfer of large attachments.  Unless specifically instructed otherwise, please choose from the wide range of convenient links provided on our home page to send us your data files.  Thanks!
Instant Messages (insert the @ symbol and period where applicable):
Skype address:
Windows Live Messenger address:
phototool ~at~ hotmail ~dot~ com
You are cordially invited to join my LinkedIn network!
Normal business hours are 8:00 am to 11:30 and 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm, Mountain Standard/Daylight Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and other days off.
However, our customers usually call and send us emails, orders, and requests for quotation just about every hour of the day, any day. I try to return these inquiries as soon as practically possible.
If we do not respond within a reasonable amount of time to your inquiry, then please check our Holiday Schedule to make sure that the office is open that day.
We practice many SPAM (unsolicited commercial e-mail) elimination techniques.  Our SPAM filters are set to their maximum values, with the advanced parameters set as required.  Please note that any message marked as SPAM will undergo a very quick visual analysis of the subject line before we delete it.  If we inadvertently mistake your message for SPAM and prematurely delete it, we certainly do apologize.  For your first contact, we recommend that you follow the instructions above and put the words "photoplot" or "photomask" in the subject line.  We will then place your e-mail address or address domain on our approved pass-through list.

We invite you to check out this excellent FREE spam filter:


For unix/linux users, you should check out the award winning SpamAssassin.

With some caveats, the PhotoplotStore supports and subscribes to the legislation both proposed and recently passed by the U.S. Congress regarding SPAM, and we encourage all other responsible businesses to do the same.

For more information about how we can all work together to control SPAM, please visit this outstanding web site:

Thanks for helping us to eliminate SPAM!

Thank you for stopping by!

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