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Policies, Terms, and other Important Notes
Updated and Revised March 08, 2013

We understand that the non-public credit card, bank account, shipping account, or contact information that you provide to us is among your most important assets, and that the protection of this information is one of your most critical concerns.  We recognize the fact that our respect for the privacy of your information is of critical importance to the success of our business relationship.

We have already taken several steps to ensure that such private information remains just that - private.  We do not and will not release any non-public credit card, shipping and bank account, or contact information to any third parties unless specifically authorized to do so by you, our customer, via written or documented electronic communication, with the exception that only certain shipping and contact information will be communicated to our suppliers on a "need to know" basis in order to properly complete your orders.  Otherwise, we do not and will not release any such information to anyone without express legal authority (such as a court-ordered search warrant) to receive it.  We do not transmit our customer's credit card or bank account information by e-mail to anyone.  For your protection against fraud, however, and in the unlikely event that we suspect that the credit card information provided to us is not legitimate, we will report this to our merchant services provider as a "code 10" authorization.

We do not use any sort of online database on any of our web servers to maintain any customer information.  We do not host our own web sites.  All files submitted by our customers are first copied to our computers and then immediately purged from our web servers.  Our computer systems are protected by both external/hardware and internal/software firewalls, and randomly selected access passwords that are rotated periodically.  (For information about how to set up, use, and easily manage randomly generated passwords, please visit the web site at  To protect our systems from intrusion by e-mail and all other sources, we use an aggressive regimen of anti-virus and anti-intrusion protection, which is updated regularly and automatically with the latest pattern files, to actively scan all incoming and outgoing transmissions and to protect our systems in background operation mode.  In order to process new and recurring orders from existing customers, we do maintain credit card information in our accounting software, which is double-password-protected to ensure access only by authorized personnel.  All business files that reside on our computers are encrypted, including all backup files.  (Please see this link,, to find out how to securely encrypt your own data systems - for free!)

In order to ensure the securest possible transmission of your sensitive credit card and/or bank account information, we request that you provide it directly to Richard Sayer, the Director of Worldwide Sales, either by phone or via our new super-secure encrypted web forms.  Please click here for contact information.

If  using e-mail to transmit any sensitive data, we strongly encourage our customers to use only encrypted messages.  If e-mail messages are not encrypted, the security of the information that they contain may be compromised.  We now have the capability to send and receive encrypted messages via the secure SSL and Open PGP services provided by

Furthermore, within our organization, the only people with authorized access to such information are those with special clearance, and who have access only on a "need to know" basis. All sensitive document hard copies (such as those that contain customer account information needed to process new and follow-on orders) are kept in locked storage.  All sensitive materials are shredded prior to disposal.

We have Non-Disclosure Agreements in force with all of our suppliers that do our manufacturing.  They are only provided with enough information to manufacture and to ship the photoplots and photomasks for us, nothing more.

Finally, in order to further enhance the confidentiality of your private, non-public credit card information, we continuously test and update our procedures, software, and policies to comply with the requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council.  To learn more about the secure online system that we use to process your credit card orders, please browse to the QuickBooks Payment Solutions web site.  All transactions that we process through our merchant services provider, such as authorizations and captures, take place using at least the minimum 128-bit encryption provided by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

We thank you for your trust in our organization, and we want to assure you that we will diligently strive to do everything in our power to earn your continued trust - the very foundation of our business relationship.

EXTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR DATA:  To ensure that your data files are managed with the strictest confidence, our upload programs place them in hidden, password protected folders on our ftp server.  They can, however, be examined during transit to our server.  Therefore, we invite you to archive your data into a password protected "zip" file.  (Click Here to obtain a Free Password Generator.)  Click Here to obtain the archival software that is appropriate for your system.  You can securely provide your password when you fill out and submit the photoplot order form or e-mail notification form after your data upload, since this data takes an entirely different route through the Internet, and only the Photoplot Store knows where to apply it.

For standard Direct-Write Chrome-on-Glass Photomasks, upon receipt of check-plot approval and payment authorization by about 2:00 pm Colorado time, we will make every reasonable effort to ship the same day.  For orders received later in the day, we will still attempt to ship the same day, but there is greater chance of delay due to the accumulation of the day's backlog.

For Standard-Sized Film Photoplots, you can expect shipment to occur within a few hours to 1 business day, after receipt of check-plot approval and payment authorization.

For Monster-Sized plots, you can expect shipment within 2 - 5 business days.

E-beam Photomasks normally take at about 3 - 7 business days, and Large Area Masks will take about 3 - 15 business days.

Occasionally, we get overwhelmed with a large quantities of hot rush orders, in which case there may be some delivery delays, for which we apologize beforehand.

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If you do not receive an acknowledgement within about 1/2 to 1 hour of your order submission, please feel free to follow up by phone to make sure that we've received it, especially if there is a critical delivery requirement for the job.  (Normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Colorado Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.)  We will also make every reasonable effort to acknowledge every new Request for Quotation (RFQ) within the same time frame.

Important Notes:

  • All work will be quoted and billed in US Dollars (US$).  We will typically provide information regarding the current exchange rate when we quote a job, so that you can figure out what the price would be in your local currency.  To get an estimate of how your currency relates to US dollars, please click on this link, which shows the latest currency exchange rates cited daily by the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Yahoo! Finance also provides another comprehensive listing of currency exchange rates, which are to be used for informational purposes only and are not intended for trading purposes. Consult your local bank for the latest quotes.

  • We will provide estimates of the following when we quote your jobs: packing, shipping & handling charges, environmental surcharges (where applicable), labor (if required), duties and taxes (where applicable), and international transaction fees (if applicable).

  • Unless otherwise specified, the minimum film sizes will be determined according the minimum standard size available to fit the customer's image and a 1" (25.4 mm) border all around the data.  Glass photomasks require a minimum 0.300" (7.62 mm) border all around, if there are any critical dimensions at the edge of the design.

  • The prices listed on our Prices page are usually the minimums quoted, and are based upon our receiving data that requires no labor to prepare for plotting.  Click here for more information about which tools we recommend to create plotter ready data.

  • Discounts may be available for additional photoplots using the same data as the original.

  • The data format that is preferred for each type of plot or photomask is described on each direct data upload page.

  • Our receipt of your data file and the information submitted with the data constitutes a valid purchase order from you on behalf of your company, unless specifically and explicitly designated as a Request for Quote only.  We will proceed with your order, deliver the product to you as soon as possible, and invoice the job accordingly, unless notified otherwise before work begins.  Providing a purchase order number with the job is helpful for your accounting department's records, but the lack of one does not invalidate your order.

  • Prices and Terms are subject to change without notice.

  • Payment Terms

  • :
    • We accept payments made by credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, or Discover), through PayPal, by Domestic or International Wire Transfer, by company check (US only), or by International Draft.

    • For prepaid and credit card orders, a zero balance invoice will be provided as a receipt, with the actual transaction settlement date noted on the invoice/receipt.

    • For orders purchased on credit, the Photoplot Store will typically create and send out the invoice as soon as the shipping costs have been billed to us.  Shipping is typically billed up to 20 days later.  The invoice date will be the same as the shipping date, regardless of the date that the invoice is actually created and sent to the customer. Payment Terms will be Net 30 days, unless otherwise specified.

    • It is the standard policy of the International Phototool Company LLC to require prepayment for all orders placed by customers outside the USA.  We accept such payments via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or International Draft.
      Click HERE for information about which corporate, business, and purchasing cards are available around the world.

    • For payments made through PayPal, we will first send you our invoice and then we will follow up with a PayPal Payment Request.  Your PayPal records will show that your payment has been made.

    • To facilitate Wire Transfers, we will gladly provide upon request all the information needed to process the transaction, including the Swift Code, ABA Routing Number, Account Number, and bank contact information.  We will include a processing fee of at least US$50.00 on all invoices that are to be paid via International Wire Transfer, and a processing fee of $35.00 on all invoices that are to be paid via USA domestic wire transfers.  These fees will cover the both the charges assessed by our bank for the deposit of incoming wire transfers, and the typical charges imposed and deducted by the bank from which the outgoing wire transfer originates.

    • Past Due Accounts:  In order for us to pay our suppliers on time, we require that our customers pay us on time.  We expend great efforts to make sure that your orders are shipped on time, and we expect our customers to show their good will in return by making timely payments.  For those rare cases where payment has not been made within the time allotted, we will have little recourse but to add a late fee of $25.00 per invoice, plus finance charges added thereafter at a rate of 26.8% APR (2.0% per month) to the amount past due until full payment has been received.  Failure to pay any finance charges shown on our monthly statements may be cause for termination of your credit account.  We also reserve the right to exercise any other remedies as necessary and legally available to collect on invoices that are more than 90 days past due.  We, and our suppliers, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Shipment Terms:

    • Domestic U.S.A.:  Terms for shipments are typically FCA/FOB (INCO Terms 1990, Free Carrier), wherein the Photoplot Store fulfills its obligation to deliver when the product has been handed over into the charge of the carrier authorized by the buyer at a named place or point, usually the origin or the location of the manufacturing facility.  Normally, the shipping costs will be prepaid by the International Phototool Company LLC, and then added to the invoice.
    • International:  Terms for shipments are typically FCA/FOB (INCO Terms 1990, Free Carrier), wherein the Photoplot Store fulfills its obligation to deliver when the product has been handed over, cleared for export, into the charge of the carrier authorized by the buyer at a named place or point, usually the origin or the location of the manufacturing facility.  Normally, the shipping costs, import duties and value added taxes will be billed directly to the recipient's account with the freight carrier.
      • Our products are classified under the international Harmonized System (HS) Chapter 37 as code number 3705.90, with the USA Schedule B export code of 3705.90.0000.  The HS codes are used to determine the import duties and taxes for each country.  Click HERE for a list of resources in your country that can provide you with your local Duty & V.A.T. rates for our products, or you may Contact Us asking us to inquire of the US Trade Information Center to obtain the latest rates for you.  The local customs authority and the freight carrier of choice will together provide the most accurate information regarding duties, taxes, and the correct procedures to follow.  (Of course, the final costs may also vary according to fluctuations in the rate of currency exchange with respect to the US dollar.)
      • Due to their highly technical nature, our products may be subject to U.S. and international export and trade regulations, depending upon the end use application and the country to which we ship.  For more information about this international arrangement, please browse to  These regulations establish export controls for conventional arms and dual use goods and technologies.  If there is an ECCN code, other than EAR99, for any product that our international customer manufactures as a direct result of the purchase of our Laser Photoplots or our Glass Photomasks, then we will need to know this, before we take your order, in order to determine what licensing requirements and/or export restrictions we will need to adhere to, if any.
      • Our international shipments may not be re-exported, transshipped, or diverted in any manner that is contrary to U.S. export regulations.
  • Sales & Use Taxes:  We do not typically collect US State and Local sales tax for orders that are shipped to locations outside the state of Colorado, except if the customer has any facilities (nexus) within the state. The customer is responsible for paying all local use taxes required by their jurisdiction.

  • Return Policy:  Even though we at the Photoplot Store do our utmost to ensure that the products we provide are of the finest quality possible, we do on rare occasion make a mistake.  Therefore, if it is determined (by mutual agreement between the Photoplot Store and its customer) within 10 business days of your receipt of the product, and before the product has been used in production, that it is defective in manufacture or was damaged during shipment, you will be entitled to a free replacement, a credit towards a future order, or a refund. We cannot accept responsibility for problems that are discovered after the mask has been used.  If so determined, we will issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA#) which we will use to track the defective or damaged product.  We will accept the return of a defective product only if an RMA# has been issued.  After the 10 business day period, the customer will be responsible for any replacement costs, and no credits or refunds will be issued, unless exceptional circumstances (such as a natural disaster or other such malady) should occur within the 10-day period, for which we will extend our warrantee accordingly.  Therefore, please inspect your product promptly.

  • Extent of Liability:  The Photoplot Store can be held legally liable only to the extent of the cost of each product ordered and delivered, and not for any costs incurred by or resulting from the use, design, or application of our products.

  • Section 508 (American with Disabilities Act) Compliance:

    • The International Phototool Company LLC makes every effort to maintain compliance with Section 508 (American with Disabilities Act), as it may apply to our business operations.  Details of this legislation can be obtained by browsing to this web site:
    • If we have overlooked any area, and a non-compliant detail is pointed out to us, we will take immediate steps to rectify the situation.  Of particular importance are the details of our web site, where alternate means of communications shall be provided for graphic information and forms.
  • The best way to send us your larger files (<25 MB) is by placing them in your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive folder and then sending us a secure link to download the files.


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