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New pricing schedule, revised July 31, 2013.

Our Pricing is designed to help you blow your competition clean out of the water!

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Direct-Write Glass Photomasks

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Medium to High Resolution

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Monster-Sized Photoplots

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Professional Data Conversion & Optimization
* Raster Image Bitmap to Vector conversions, too! *
We've been doing design work and conversions since 1989!

Starting at only $25.00 per file or per mask!

Includes simple de-embedding, removal of duplicate entities, panelization, composites, etc.

(These conversion-only jobs will be billed separately from any photoplotting order.)

If any Labor is required to prepare the data for manufacturing by the International Phototool Company, this will be billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour. CAD Editing provided directly by our authorized photoplotting suppliers/contractors may differ from this rate, and they will include this in their separate quotations.

When required, such labor usually takes between 5 and 45 minutes per file. Occasionally, data clean-up may take several hours or days, in which case we will recommend using our design rules to re-work the design on your end. Again, any minimum charge for this labor will be included in the quotation.

Please note that when preparing data files for chrome on glass photomasks, we realize that our checkplots sometimes help our customers to track down areas that need to be changed. Typically, we will waive the first additional data conversion fee when this occurs. If additional changes need to be made, then we reserve the right to add the appropriate data conversion charges to our invoice.

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